We bring a greater understanding of what really drives the value of an enterprise

If the job of business in our society is to store and grow our wealth, then shouldn’t every manager, every employee, understand what is required to create wealth?

Shouldn’t every manager be able to explain why Cochlear has created so much wealth and why Qantas has destroyed so much?

We study the key drivers of company valuation and work with senior managers to develop tailored education programs for senior and middle managers that:

  1. Clarify what really drives the value of the company.
  2. Explains why some companies are valued at a premium to their net assets, creating wealth, while others trade at a discount, destroying wealth.
  3. Shows the link between Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used in the business at present and the key drivers of the value of the company.
  4. Challenges participants to see what change is required in KPIs to drive a step change in the value of the business.

The outcome is a workforce more engaged with the goal of growing the value of the firm and the strategies put in place to support that goal and who share a common language and decision making framework.

For more on our thinking on educating managers on the real drivers of company valuation click here.