Our clients

We work closely with owners and senior managers to bring about a step change in the value of the companies they run.

The introduction of Juno Partner’s ValueShare reward scheme has played a key role in Perth Energy doubling in size to nearly $300m in turnover, without a hiccup on the HR side.

Ky Cao
Managing Director

Perth Energy

Juno Partners offer the rare combination of a thorough understanding of valuation matters and the ability to refine that analysis into useful insights, accessible to all senior staff.

Tom Gorman
Chief Executive Officer

Brambles Ltd

Juno Partners brought us a fresh way of looking at investment opportunities. Their approach is built on the best of valuation theory, but is practical and focuses attention on the questions most fundamental to the investment’s success.

Julie Raffe
Finance Director

Village Roadshow Ltd

Our challenge was to maintain the entrepreneurial culture that had driven our rapid growth but reward our people in a manner consistent with our status as a public company. And we needed to do so in a way that was acceptable to our employees, who (rightly) place the interests of our students above all else.

Juno Partners helped us to achieve this goal. The incentive program they designed and implemented rewards our people in an uncapped and entrepreneurial way, but with safeguards that ensure only sustained growth, that truly adds value to our shareholders, is recognised.

Harvey Collins

Navitas Limited

Our goal with cash incentives is to encourage step changes in performance and get away from the negotiation of targets; to provide significant opportunity as well as accountability and to do so in a way that recognises the capital we invest has a real opportunity cost.

Over the past nine years Juno Partners has helped us achieve this goal.

James McClements
Managing Partner

Resource Capital Funds

When a major international pharmaceutical group asked us to demystify company valuation for their Australian management team and show the link between their actions and the value of the company, we turned to Juno Partners as recognised leaders in the field. They developed and delivered a course that proved both insightful and engaging. I have no hesitation in recommending Juno Partners for similar work.

Meaghan Hill
Client Relationship Manager

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

Juno Partners were able to combine a fluent understanding of valuation issues with practical advice regarding the structuring of an incentive program. I was very pleased with the quality of their advice and found their staff responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Michael Bradburn
Chief Financial Officer

Brisbane Airport Corporation

We are delighted with the solution that Juno Partners helped us develop, the quality of their advice and the conduct of their staff.  Our Principal Profit Share Program, although at its infancy, is quickly being recognised as the new benchmark in the industry and we see it as a key advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

Bill Petrovski

William Roberts Lawyers