If the job of business in our society is to store and grow our wealth, then shouldn’t every manager, every employee, understand what is required to create wealth?  Shouldn’t every manager be able to explain why Cochlear has created so much wealth and why Qantas has destroyed so much?

At Juno Partners, we’re on mission to dramatically change the way managers think and talk about success: to clarify the real drivers of wealth creation and align performance measures and rewards in a way that systematically grows the wealth of our society.

Our clients include public companies, private equity firms, government owned corporations, privately held groups and institutional investors.

The firm was founded in 2009 by Justin Bown, a leading adviser and commentator on the drivers of wealth creation and performance and reward mechanisms.  In his more than 20 years advising at the Board level in this field, Justin’s clients have included some of the region’s largest and most complex businesses, including more than a quarter of the ASX 30.

We are named in honour of the Roman goddess Juno, who as Juno Moneta (‘the counsellor’), had a temple on the summit of the Capitoline Hill in Rome that later housed the Roman mint.  The peacock is her symbolic animal and the word ‘money’ is derived from her name.